Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Level Results Day is over but do keep calling!

Although A Level results day is over, our phone lines are still very busy. If applicants have still not secured a place with any university then we recommend that they look on our website: www.gre.ac.uk/clearing to see a full list of programmes with vacancies. If they are interested then to have their UCAS/GTTR ID number ready before giving us a call on 0208 331 9000.

In my opinion it’s really important to choose carefully the type of course you wish to study at University. 3 years is quite a long time to invest in your studies, so you may as well make it worthwhile and choose a subject which genuinely is of interest to you.

At the time of writing, some of the programmes which are still available are: BA (QTS) Primary Education (3 years), PGCE Secondary Biology, PGCE Secondary Maths and PGCE Secondary Physics. Due to the nature of these programmes, we can’t make you an offer over the phone but we will send your application to the school for assessment, where they can decide if they can invite you for interview.

Please ensure that you fill in your UCAS/ GTTR profile fully, as once you have submitted the form, we don’t accept direct amendments. 

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