Friday, 17 August 2012

A Levels Results Day

Results day is a day like no other during Clearing. It’s always buzzing with students who want to be offered a place at the university, whether both their firm and insurance choices have been unsuccessful or they have declined offers made to them by other universities or they have exceeded their expected results. Clearing is also a last resort for those who did not make UCAS applications before hand and are now doing so having received their results.

I enjoyed results day and I think it is always good when applicants are optimistic or hopeful that even though they did not get into the university or subject of their choice, Clearing provides them the opportunity to look at alternative courses such as foundation degrees which they would then be able to top up with an undergraduate degree (in an appropriate course area) after completing the foundation degree.

With the heat of calls from yesterday still lingering, today promises to be another good. Like the blog from yesterday, the Clearing tips still apply. Whatever your reason is for applying through clearing, we are here to help and to help make the clearing application process a good experience for you.


  1. Greenwich still haven't got back to me, they are my firm choice. When will they make their decision?

  2. That goes for me too

  3. Hi! Please give us a call on 020 8331 9000 so we are able to bring up your application and assist you further! Thank you