Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Take a chance

Hiya all!

It’s August already, wow… Time does move fast doesn’t it, that’s a factor of life you simply can’t change, if that becomes possible please inform me, so I can get a few more hours of lovely sleep, ta . But eh, why not move with the flow, as factors are constantly changing! There’s nothing set in stone apart from, your mind set and hearts wishes. Oh yes oh yes, I kind of sound like a counsellor giving you advice, but there’s a story behind this. It brings me back to the time I found out my friend left his future to a hat, yup a hat! Wow right! I nearly fell off the bed when he told me, that’s crazy I thought, I even made a harry potter reference at the time. It all started when he asked me “do you have regrets from your course?” More or less my answer was yes, even though I achieved a first for my second year and I was assuming his was too.

He’s one of those “smarty pants” I like to refer to as, I would describe him as jack of all trades. His first choice was always to get into medical studies. So from going from one massive career move, as he simply didn’t meet the grades. Now he’s happy, you ask how …so the only other thing he could do was choose another field and as he did not expect anything from a course that he left to chance, to a certain extent I may add. He picked a few areas that interested him and were beneficial, writing a few universities down he picked. Out came, drum roll please dun dun dun, Greenwich. To sum it up, basically there’s always another road when one closes and why not take a chance, you only life once and we do have cross roads at times, why not explore your options … Give us a ring to open up your doors ! It’s never late… To all you Justin Bieber fans I would say “Never say Never” and to you Three Days Grace fans “Never Too late” =).

Tip of the day: For all you home students if you do not have a UCAS or GTTR account make sure in the qualification section you write down everything you have achieved, as without all your qualifications we unfortunately cannot assess your application. Therefore we cannot make a clearing form even if you are suitable without that information on the form. So just double check your form as once you send it, we cannot edit/add any information.  

So that’s me for today, enjoy the rest of your day folks! =).

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