Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The cycle of life

The cycle of life ... Lol, well the cycle of clearing anyway ; )

Each year to prepare for the influx of clearing enquiries the team takes, the management team interview and test suitable applicants for the various jobs required to make our clearing team run as smoothly as possible.

The successful applicants (Our 'newbies') began their intensive training yesterday. Oh, how I remember being in their positions this time last year and being in awe at the task at hand. The thing was, that after I got over my nerves, I realised how prepared, I was to deal with the various enquiries we get from callers. From the selection process to the training, everything is geared to giving you the best possible service. Don't get me wrong, mistakes can and do sometimes happen, but I can tell you first hand that all of us here, 'newbies' and 'oldies' wish you all the best and want to help you as best we can.

Now, it may not be as emotionally wrenching as 'The Lion King' but working in the clearing team, you really do see a cycle of life : )

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