Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tomorrow is the day..

Hello Everyone!

The countdown is almost over. Tomorrow is the day, and even though I could cite several clichéd lyrics I will abstain myself!

First of all, I want to wish every one of you the best of luck with your applications. Hopefully, you will get enrolled into the University of your choice. If you don’t, fear not. Our University is expecting you to call to submit a Clearing application form.

Here my top three tips:

  • The early bird catches the worm. Our Clearing hotline is officially open from 8am, and the sooner you submit an application the better is the chance of you getting a place with our Institution.
  • The UCAS or GTTR personal ID is the Holy Grail. Without this number we are unable to process an application for you. So make sure you have this number at hand when you make the call.
  • 24/7! Okay…not literally, but as I said we will be open from 8:00 and on top of that we will close the Clearing hotline at 20:00!!! That is 12 hours of interrupted service (just for you). Now you don’t have to worry if you have work and you can only call after a certain time.

All of our advisors are glad to pick up the phone and help you through this process whether you understand it or not. Do not be afraid to ask any questions, the more you understand the better.

Once again, I wish you all luck. I hope you retained some good information!!


Edgar Pereira Gutierrez

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