Friday, 7 September 2012

Bye from us!

Hiya again Boys and Girls,

Hope you all are well.

It’s been a rollercoaster I’m sure, as most of you know, with floods of different emotions from you guys through the last month. Many good, others were somewhat disappointed and to the ones that did not make it this time around. You will be fine. Your path may have just been different but things sometimes happen for a reason, so don’t give up. I’m speaking from my personal experience when one door closes another will open, just have to see an opportunity and seize it! ... I found mine when I saw an advertisement, few years back. I was flicking through the metro and my eyes could not believe it, I could achieve everything I wanted for myself. By taking that chance allowed me later on, to come and study with University of Greenwich.

But on a brighter note Clearing is still open and the few last tips are:

* For the home students still sorting out a UCAS account ( you still have a short amount of time span left to create one. Leave 24 hours after your payment before giving us a call, as it will still be processing so take that into consideration.

*For international students you need to submit an online application form, you can get to the page by typing in the following link:

But the enquiry team will be around all year round so if you are ever are having any problems give us a ring on 020 8331 9000 and we will be more than happy to assist you! =)

Enjoy the last of your summer break, I have heard its going to be lovely and sunny over the next few days.

All the best guys from all of us in the office x 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Still open..


We are coming towards the end of Clearing now but there are still places available for some of our courses.  Our Clearing reception in the Queen Mary building on the Greenwich Campus is still open for enquiries and assistance. However our reception in Avery Hill will be closing at 5pm tomorrow (Friday).

We have some very interesting enquiries from our visitors who include people from all over the world looking to study at our beautiful university. While we are able to make applications for some, others leave rather disappointed having not met the entry criteria.  It is always worth checking with us either by phone (020 8331 9000), Livechat ( or by popping in.

International and part-time applicants need to apply using our inline application 
( while full time home/EU students need to have completed a UCAS application (

Being an extra mature student myself, I have a special interest in helping those coming back into education after many years working.  Some have left school with few qualifications and are quite confused when confronted with all the jargon of higher education;  foundation degrees, foundation courses, undergraduate, postgraduate, year zero,  HNDs etc and the different levels (1-7) of qualifications. 

In reception, we are able to sit with these visitors and explain how it all works and encourage them to work towards the qualifications they need to be able to meet our requirements. One of the stumbling blocks for some applicants is that they did not achieve GCSEs at grade A-C in English and Maths and this is a basic requirement for many of our courses.  For some the thought of going back to re-study these seems too daunting as they recall memories of nasty maths classes and frustrated teachers.  However studying as a mature student is a very different experience because you are studying because you want to, not because you have to.

So if you are not eligible for one of our courses for this year or you have missed out because the course is full, you don’t need to be too discouraged.  UCAS is now open for applications for 2013 entry. You have got a year to work towards those qualifications but don’t forget to mention that you are working towards them on your application. If you are interested in our nursing courses, and our clearing assistants informed you that the branch that interests you is full, we have a March intake that you can apply now using the new 2013 UCAS form.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

It’s not over until…

Wow, it’s weird to think that we’ve been working hard through Clearing for 9 weeks now and it’s only been a little over 2 weeks since ‘A’ level results were released!

If you haven’t already applied, we have still got spaces on some of our programmes. At the time of writing, we still have places on programmes like BA Childhood Studies, BSc Health and Wellbeing, BSc Biomedical Science and BEng Civil Engineering. If you’re interested in any of these subject areas (and more) don’t be shy about contacting us. You can call us on 020 8331 9000, email us at or visit our Clearing pages online for a “live chat” (although this has been extremely popular, so you might find it quicker to give us a call or drop us an email, because our online chat team have been inundated with chat requests!

For those of you that have secured your places, either through meeting your conditions or applying through Clearing, you’re probably starting to think (and worry) about registration. Don’t Panic. At University of Greenwich, new students (that’s undergraduate, postgraduate and transfers) all have to register in two parts. You get sent your registration details in two emails and then you can register. This year, registration opened on 29th August, so if you have your details, you can register now! If you haven’t received your details and you know that you have confirmed your place, then you can contact the Student Helpline on 020 8331 8272 or If you aren’t sure whether you have fully confirmed, or you have only recently confirmed you place, then call us on 020 8331 9000 or email us at and we can check your status.

We do know that some users are having problems when accessing the Student Portal page when using Google Chrome. If you receive a blank page when trying to navigate to the portal (, you may need to check that there is not a small shield on the right hand side of the address bar. If this is present, please click and choose “load anyway”. If you are using any other browser, please check your security settings if the problem persists.

If you continue to have problems with the student portal (such as your account being disabled or your login details not being recognised), please see the following link for the support request form:

Congratulations to all those who have already secured their place and good luck to those still applying!

Monday, 3 September 2012


Clearing 2012 is nearly over but we are still taking lots of enquiries and applications. If you are looking to start university in September 2012 you can call our clearing line on 0208 331 9000 and we can help. We are taking applications for lots of courses. Do remember to go through Clearing you need to be registered with UCAS and be holding no offers.

We have started a new service called Livechat which we have been testing out this Clearing. It has become very popular and you can find links on our website ( We have operators who can talk to you over the internet like the old days of MSN. You can ask us questions about the university, your application and we can take clearing applications using the service. If you do have any questions give the Livechat a go.
We still have our Clearing receptions at the Avery Hill and Greenwich campuses this week. If you prefer to come in and discuss your options we are open from 9 – 5 Monday to Friday. You can drop in at any time during these hours and we can go through the application process and help you make an application.

If you have already accepted an offer with us there is lots of useful information for new students on our website and the Student Union website. You can now start planning your Fresher’s week

I hope everyone has had a good clearing. Good luck with your studies.