Tuesday, 4 September 2012

It’s not over until…

Wow, it’s weird to think that we’ve been working hard through Clearing for 9 weeks now and it’s only been a little over 2 weeks since ‘A’ level results were released!

If you haven’t already applied, we have still got spaces on some of our programmes. At the time of writing, we still have places on programmes like BA Childhood Studies, BSc Health and Wellbeing, BSc Biomedical Science and BEng Civil Engineering. If you’re interested in any of these subject areas (and more) don’t be shy about contacting us. You can call us on 020 8331 9000, email us at Clearing@gre.ac.uk or visit our Clearing pages online for a “live chat” (although this has been extremely popular, so you might find it quicker to give us a call or drop us an email, because our online chat team have been inundated with chat requests!

For those of you that have secured your places, either through meeting your conditions or applying through Clearing, you’re probably starting to think (and worry) about registration. Don’t Panic. At University of Greenwich, new students (that’s undergraduate, postgraduate and transfers) all have to register in two parts. You get sent your registration details in two emails and then you can register. This year, registration opened on 29th August, so if you have your details, you can register now! If you haven’t received your details and you know that you have confirmed your place, then you can contact the Student Helpline on 020 8331 8272 or callcentre@gre.ac.uk. If you aren’t sure whether you have fully confirmed, or you have only recently confirmed you place, then call us on 020 8331 9000 or email us at courseinfo@gre.ac.uk and we can check your status.

We do know that some users are having problems when accessing the Student Portal page when using Google Chrome. If you receive a blank page when trying to navigate to the portal (http://portal.gre.ac.uk), you may need to check that there is not a small shield on the right hand side of the address bar. If this is present, please click and choose “load anyway”. If you are using any other browser, please check your security settings if the problem persists.

If you continue to have problems with the student portal (such as your account being disabled or your login details not being recognised), please see the following link for the support request form: http://www.gre.ac.uk/offices/ils/ls/services/tassistance

Congratulations to all those who have already secured their place and good luck to those still applying!

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