Thursday, 6 September 2012

Still open..


We are coming towards the end of Clearing now but there are still places available for some of our courses.  Our Clearing reception in the Queen Mary building on the Greenwich Campus is still open for enquiries and assistance. However our reception in Avery Hill will be closing at 5pm tomorrow (Friday).

We have some very interesting enquiries from our visitors who include people from all over the world looking to study at our beautiful university. While we are able to make applications for some, others leave rather disappointed having not met the entry criteria.  It is always worth checking with us either by phone (020 8331 9000), Livechat ( or by popping in.

International and part-time applicants need to apply using our inline application 
( while full time home/EU students need to have completed a UCAS application (

Being an extra mature student myself, I have a special interest in helping those coming back into education after many years working.  Some have left school with few qualifications and are quite confused when confronted with all the jargon of higher education;  foundation degrees, foundation courses, undergraduate, postgraduate, year zero,  HNDs etc and the different levels (1-7) of qualifications. 

In reception, we are able to sit with these visitors and explain how it all works and encourage them to work towards the qualifications they need to be able to meet our requirements. One of the stumbling blocks for some applicants is that they did not achieve GCSEs at grade A-C in English and Maths and this is a basic requirement for many of our courses.  For some the thought of going back to re-study these seems too daunting as they recall memories of nasty maths classes and frustrated teachers.  However studying as a mature student is a very different experience because you are studying because you want to, not because you have to.

So if you are not eligible for one of our courses for this year or you have missed out because the course is full, you don’t need to be too discouraged.  UCAS is now open for applications for 2013 entry. You have got a year to work towards those qualifications but don’t forget to mention that you are working towards them on your application. If you are interested in our nursing courses, and our clearing assistants informed you that the branch that interests you is full, we have a March intake that you can apply now using the new 2013 UCAS form.

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