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Hi there!

My name is Adriana and I'm just finishing up my third year of Nursing training. I was born in Brazil but actually spent my childhood in America (Kentucky, out of all places!) and then went back to Brazil for my teenage years (beaches and surfing - yay!). A couple of months after turning 19, I bought a ticket to Europe and spent the next 3 years travelling on and off. I then went on to have an assortment of jobs before taking another year out to travel. This time I went to the Amazon and spent a year travelling in peasant boats throughout this lush region. Whilst going through a village/hamlet (population: 76), I came across a group of national and foreign nurses who were setting up remote clinics for the scattered population. I spent some time with them in the clinics looking after the villagers and decided that was what I wanted to do.

I came back to London, embarked on an Access course and started my training in 2007. After the first year, I had to drop out due to financial and personal problems but started working as a Band 4 in the Community Matron team. I spent just over a year in the community and returned to the University of Greenwich to complete my training. Almost two years later, I am happy I did and look forward to starting my first nursing job in September. I've had my shares of ups and downs in Nursing but I would recommend it! I don't think I could ever, ever do any other work.

About Me!
My name is Farhana. I am a second year Maths student. I am representing the University of Greenwich.
I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this university, as it’s a credit to me. Having had a successful first year, I am determined to study even harder and achieve the best marks possible.  Studying at this university means a lot to me as it enables me to further my studies in the field of mathematics.
Attending lectures and tutorials can be a bit tiring considering that my lectures are 2 hours long and then I have a 1 hour tutorial straight after.  However no one said that studying was going to be easy. So I just have to get on with it, try my hardest and hope for the best.
I really enjoy reading in my spare time (ironic I know since I’m studying maths) but oh well! My favourite author is J K Rowling. I have read all the books and look forward to watching the first part of the final book.

‘<?php echo "Hello World"; >’

“Hello World” are the first words you will probably "print to screen" if you embark on any degree or course (or self-teach book) that requires you to programme. You will probably see them several times - every time you start a new programming language! But that's just me speaking from experience. Hi, my name is Samantha and I've just graduated from BSc Web Technologies at University of Greenwich (where I’ve learned to programme in at least four different languages and scripts).

I'll aim not to bore you with too much detail, but this is my third clearing. My first clearing saw me as a telephone operator and my second as a member of the email team. As well as working hard through the summer for the last two years, I've worked for the Enquiry Unit, so you may have spoken to or had an email from me this year if you've contacted us.

As a Web Technologist, I’d recommend checking out the website and getting yourself a subscription to .net and Web Designer, two excellent magazines who have been at the forefront of what’s out there in the world of web 2.0 design and what (and when) we can expect of web 3.0. I’d also suggest looking out for Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp, co-authors of the superb “Introducing HTML5” (yay, HTML5 and CSS3 are finally here!). They also have their own blogs and projects which are well worth taking a look at for any aspiring web designer or developer. Maybe one day I will have my own blog that will inspire designers and developers a like. Watch this space. Well, not this space, I’ll have graduated by then, but I guess you know what I mean!

Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed for you all in the hope that you receive the results you desire. Remember, life isn’t over if you don’t get what you want, it just means working a little bit harder and possibly taking the slightly more scenic route to get to your final destination – I think you’ll find the scenic route usually has a far more interesting view and can turn up some wonderfully unexpected results (just remember to keep positive – happiness is a mode of transport, not a destination). Happy Clearing everyone!

Why hello there,

My name's Hannah I am a 23 yr old, third year Law student studying at the amazing University of Greenwich, at the infamous Greenwich campus.  So despite studying Law, and it seeming as though being a lawyer would be the most obvious career path, I have absolutely no idea what I will exactly do with this degree. Although this may sound worrying to you, I’m not quite at that stage of panicking (unlike my parents who think I should have had the whole career thing sorted by 16!) but put it this way, I like to keep my options open........ and as we all know the possibilities are endless!!!! (to quote recycling and Samantha)

I’ve lived in London all my life, and to be quite frank would find it very hard to leave, I’m completely in love with the whole hustle and bustle London accommodates, I’m originally from west London but now live in south east so I’m very close to the university. There’s not really much to tell you about me, apart from I think I’m hilarious but I’m sure the bloggers will have something to say about that, and I’m sure the little taste of my humour I’ve blessed ya with in this passage illustrates what they have to deal with on a day to day basis. I looooove movies....I’m a self confessed movie buff and I loooove living by myself, the combination of being a movie buff and living by yourself I think run hand in hand, they both equate to spending a lot of time alone lol. This being said you can find me at my parents house every weekend, being the best daughter in the world by sponging off them, and before you ask....yes they love me very much!!! I’d like to think I’m an avid gym goer, however truth be told I literally started like a week ago, but I’m adapting the healthy body healthy mind theory.
So this is how dedicated I am to this university, not only it is my place of study it is also my place of work. Us bloggers are all part of the greatest team ever.....THE ENQUIRY UNIT! We are a mixture of past and present students as mentioned on our homepage, who come together, in a superhero kinda way (capes an’all)  to make sure the path that lays before you on the way to university is completely clear and obstruction free lol!!! Now work is going to be even more fun as clearing is about to begin, meaning it’s going to be hectic round here, manic even........can’t wait, plus there’s going to be new people working with us for the duration of clearing so we’re gonna get to meet loads of new people, new people to torture my humour and general random self you can get bored torturing the same ol’ faces.....JOKING my fellow bloggers, love you all!!
Speak to ya soon!!
P.s. In true Hannah style....hope everyone is getting their tan on!!!!


I’m Emily! I’m 21 and I am studying BSc Digital Animation and Production. I grew up in Romford. After my GCSEs, I took an IB Diploma (way too hard don’t do it unless you’re very clever!) and then I worked before I finally came to university.  At the moment I live up in Greenwich but also like to spend time at my parent’s house in Chelmsford. As well as studying at Greenwich, I also work for the university in a couple of different capacities. I love films, making crafty things, reading, going out...the list goes on. I hope you enjoy my blog!
Hello there!
My name is Alice and I am about to start my final year of a three year Masters degree in Therapeutic Counselling. As my children are now 29 and 26 I fit into the extra mature category! I left my Australian homeland in 1978 to discover more about my heritage as a first generation Oz and haven’t got around to going home yet – despite the lovely UK weather and stony beaches!
I left school at 16 with few qualifications. After 3 years doing the most boring job in the world relieved only by a hectic social life, I trained as a nurse. With no careers guidance, I thought it was the only way to get paid while gaining a qualification useful for travelling. A year after completing my course, I took off for London, travelled around Europe in a VW bug with a fellow Oz, then returned to London to study midwifery. After 5 years working in the NHS while the children were very young, I set up an independent practice with a friend. I had a wonderful 18 years of rushing around London on a big black motor bike working with women planning home births. They were such fun years, until I began to tire of the constant on calls and the unpredictability of my life. I wasn’t bouncing back quite as quickly after sleepless nights with labouring woman as I had been during my earlier partying years! After a stint as a breast feeding midwife in a central London Hospital, I decided on a complete change of career.

While Jack and Kate studied their A levels and GCSEs I obtained my BSc Anthropology at Goldsmiths College while still running the midwifery practice. That was such a hectic time as we fought over house work and computer access. Cleaning became a thing of the past and our house resembled Miss Haversham’s by the end of it all!

…but I was still not finished with studying! I have always been interested in the way people tick and the transformative effect of life events. I chose this programme for its integrative nature with the additional bonus of it being almost on my doorstep. Although a complete roller coaster at times, overall I have never regretted my decision to come back to study and Greenwich is a great place to do it I combine my academic study with a stained glass evening course, running community textile art projects and working in the university Enquiry Unit.... but more of that in my blog so read on…..


My name is Rima and I am currently studying BA Hons Business Studies at University of Greenwich. I am going to be entering into my third and final year of my degree this September and I just can’t wait for it to be over so I can graduate and wear my graduation robe and funny looking hat.

Studying at University of Greenwich has been so much fun and the best two years of my life, well without the studying part that is because I don’t think anyone calls studying fun.

I have been working with the Enquiry Unit for the past year as well as Clearing and it has been very enjoyable being able to help prospective students finding a place at this university. I am looking forward to another eventful summer of Clearing and helping people with getting a place at university and also with any enquiries they may have. I hope you enjoy reading through all the blogs throughout Clearing.

Sawubona – ‘Greetings’ in Zulu!
Hello! My name is Blaze and I have just finished my second year of studying BA H Drama and English at the University of Greenwich. I travelled from my home town in sunny South Africa to study at Greenwich and I am enjoying every minute at this wonderful institution!
One of the main reasons I chose the University of Greenwich was the great diversity that I could see on campus. The university has students from across the world hence a great mix of international and home students. Studying has been an opportunity that has truly opened my eyes to new experiences and a way of interacting with people from all walks of life.  My course is what one refers to as a joint or combined honours degree – meaning that half of the course is a component of English and the other taken from the school of Drama. The combined honours option is the perfect choice for me as it enables me to study my two favourite subjects simultaneously! Many of the Schools offer a combined honours route in many subjects, so it might be worthwhile to take a look at our website to see our degree options.
I am a Student Ambassador at the university, which means that I promote, not just, the University of Greenwich but also the general progression of local students into higher education.  The university has many wonderful opportunities to get involved with the community and students in the local area.  The JobShop is the part of the university that is responsible for hiring students for various jobs and is way of gaining work – which is great for extra cash and your CV.
One of my main hobbies is going to the theatre; whether it is watching a small intimate show or a large West End production…I love it all! Another reason why I chose to attend Greenwich is its proximity to central London. I study on the Maritime campus which is in Zone 2 of London, meaning it is a very easy commute into central. Greenwich for me is the best of both worlds, I have the serenity of the River Thames and Greenwich Park, which covers almost 183 acres, but at the same time I have the bustle of the city centre on my doorstep…perfect!
I hope you enjoy reading my blog just as much as I will enjoy writing it! I will try my best to keep you up-to-date on all the latest information! If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on our email or give us a call on 020 8331 9000 J
Enjoy reading J

Hi there,

My name is Jessica. I have just finished my first year studying BA Politics and Philosophy.  I initially applied to study BA Philosophy, but the course was discontinued at Greenwich and converted into a combined degree.  Most people ask me if I want to be a politician because I study politics but it’s not all about politicians and debates; I find topics such as human behaviour and social identity quite interesting.  I like my philosophy modules more than politics because we go into deep conversation and analyse several theories from a range of philosophers and scientists. 

Before starting my course early last September, I joined a group on Facebook for new University of Greenwich students and came across the netball team. They were recruiting freshers and seemed quite lively and enthusiastic, so as I already knew a few people from my college that were members in their 2nd year, I was convinced to join.  I got to know new students like myself through Facebook before we actually met at the University, so the Facebook group almost acted like an ice breaker.

Outside of my studies, I have many interests such as singing, playing the piano and guitar, reading and socialising.  I think joining the netball team has, in a way, helped me to improve my social, interpersonal and team work skills. I can recall a situation when I was put on the spot; at the first meeting the team had to sit in a circle and the freshers’ had to stand up and introduce themselves to everyone, sharing an interesting fact.

I have been working in the Enquiry Unit on the telephones as an assistant for a few months now and during this time I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience.  I enjoy taking phone calls and dealing with the queries of potential students, as I’ve been in that situation when I first applied, so I can empathize if they have a problem. I’m looking forward to working in clearing in the next month or so and I hope you enjoy reading our Clearing diary J

I am George and I have obtained BSc. in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 from the Aristotelian Technical University of Thessaloniki in Greece. As an intern, I worked for the Israeli Public Corporation of Electricity. Having concluded military service I went to the U.S.A. to study Nuclear Engineering and Applied Physics at Cornell University. From the latter I then graduated in 1996 with an M.Sc.
From 1996 till 2009 I worked for Royal Dutch Shell both in Greece and abroad, assuming various roles in Downstream Marketing, Strategy, Negotiations and eventually in Health, Safety, Environment and Security (H.S.S.E.). Sponsored by Shell Hellas, I graduated in 2006 from Alba in Athens with a Diploma in Management and two years later with an M.B.A. in Shipping from the same College.
I am currently doing research, as a PhD. candidate at the University of Greenwich. My field of interest is Maritime Security with a special focus on the “Piracy around the Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Africa”. I am a member of the American Nuclear Society, the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science Technology in London. I can speak Greek, English, German, Japanese and French J 


My name is Jenny and I have just completed my first year of an MA in Social Work, which is intense and challenging but very rewarding.
This is my first experience of London life having rural roots and I’m finding it entrancing. I enjoy my social pursuits and my top tip for London living would be to peruse for inspiration.
I am a keen cyclist, play outside centre for my local rugby club and am currently in training for my first half marathon this summer. This is my first experience of Clearing being a new member of the enquiry unit this year and I look forward to speaking with you...

Hiya folks!
I’m Binal! Hope you lot are dandy! Not going to take much of your time. I’m going into my 3rd year of BSc Computing with Digital Media. When applying to University of Greenwich I had my doubts, media and the internet has its ways of creating a false image so I expected not the highest standard from the University. But since joining I have done a complete u-turn! As I have met students with the highest ability and potential to get anywhere they want, with this atmosphere you have nothing to lose and the most wonderful lectures that you will miss once you graduate. You pretty much have everything you need here, breathless views, lovely architecture, royal park, shops , easy transport to London . So why not, it has everything a girl needs?

Since being at University of Greenwich I have discovered so much its unbelievable and exciting. I once got locked in Greenwich Park for a few hours, yup nice, I may have failed to mention it was a snow day and I was soaked rolling down the snowy hills haha, it was definably worth it! But good news was after calling the police, I ended up befriending a lovely couple walking their dog and they managed to help us out. Thank you both so much! Ah good times... I have many stories that I will enlighten you with soon, like trying to feed a duck with a strawberry, but ending up hitting it on the head, opps ah! Oh no!... Or doing a chicken dance in the middle of the campus with my friend, bet I was terrible but it was a good laugh haha. However my commitments speaks for itself how attached I am with the University as while studying, I work as a Student Ambassador promoting the University of Greenwich, Events Assistant and work in the Enquiry Unit .
So that’s me for now! =}
So I should probably start off by introducing myself! My name is Ezgi and I recently finished my undergraduate degree in BSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology (which I loved).
The next step for me is to complete a postgraduate degree in MSc Psychology, and I will be staying in Greenwich to complete that as I’ve really enjoyed my time here
J. After that I will most probably study another MSc in Forensic Psychology.
BASICALLY, I’m going to study for as long as I can, before I have to face the real world!!
When I do eventually face the real world J I would like to work with young offenders in prisons to provide support through rehabilitation programmes etc... Which I think is highly important and also a rewarding job.
In my ‘leisure’ time I love cooking, spending lots of time with friends and family, engaging in political affairs, going to plenty of concerts (particularly hip-hop) and reading. Yes I read outside of university too and I would class myself as a bit of a geek.
I also LOVEEE to travel! (but I hate flying, ironically). In the past few years I have been to several countries including Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, Portugal, Germany, Holland and Turkey.
Anyway, I think that’s enough about me for now and I hope you enjoy our Clearing Diary!!

While studying I also work as a student ambassador promoting the University of Greenwich and my psychology course. I also work in the Enquiry Unit where I answer people’s questions about the university. Early Clearing has started so the phones are busy but if you do have any questions or need help give us a call. _____________________________________________________________________ 
Hello !

My name is Jerushah and I am a masters student with the School of Science.
I have had many incarnations over the years, from processing geophysicist to primary school teacher. Currently however, I am studying for a masters by research focussing on climate change in the Quaternary period.

I spend many hours of my week looking down a microscope in a lab to identify pollen grains and diatoms (dear little microscopic organisms which are very pretty and resemble bottle tops and Christmas crackers!). Less frequently I am found wading around in peat bogs and coastal mud flats... It must be said that since finishing my postgraduate diploma in Petroleum Geology in 2002, I have been feeling there was a gap in my life that I couldn’t quite put my finger on...  and I’ve only recently realised that it is having a good excuse to get my hands dirty !

I am thirty something and still misspending my youth! I am really into my music and spend a lot of time listening to vintage soul and reggae, plus current R &B.  Have a look at my  blog at for my regular 'record of the week' slot. With regards to my music taste, my daughter’s favourite saying is ‘Turn it down Mum ! It’s hurting my ears !’

My other (extremely serious!) habit is cricket (watching, listening, reading about etc.). On a lot of weekends in the summer you can find me in my regular spot on the top floor of the Tavern Stand at Lord’s being extremely starry eyed. I am sure a few of my cricket anecdotes will work their way into my blogs, and with lots of matches coming up in the near future I'm bound to have a few more...

Happy Clearing everyone ! Jerushah x


My name is Cristy and I am a second year Events Management student at the University of Greenwich.

University first seemed like a daunting prospect, coming straight out of sixth form after doing my A-levels, but I packed my things and moved to London to start my university experience and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Whilst at University of Greenwich, and in my quest to succeed my career aspirations in the events industry, to gain experience I have volunteered and work at various events around London and also work for the University as a Student Ambassador. Both of these have given me amazing experiences and encouraged me towards my goals.

As well as working, in my social life I enjoy going out with friends, reading and am a big music fan, regularly attending various gigs in a range of genres.

I hope you find our Clearing Diary full of information helpful!


I am Deavon and a mature-ish student about to start the 3rd year of the Youth and Community Works degree. I say mature-ish as although I am 35, I swear I act more like a person in their mid-twenties.  I think it’s the Peter Pan in me! Anyway, as a person I am full of contradictions and extremes – I am cautious by nature BUT can be extremely reckless. I am a peace and love kind of dude BUT can be very fiery. I can be very charming and the life and soul of a party BUT I also love my own company and can be somewhat of an introvert. I am a very deep thinker BUT can be quite superficial. Let’s just say there is more to me than meets the eye!  

Greenwich University is actually the 3rd university I have been to. When I was 18 I attended Luton University (University of Bedfordshire) to do a HND in Sports Science, but dropped out after the first year. The main reason for dropping out was that I did not realise that sports science actually involved elements of science!?! I was more of an athlete you see! Despite dropping out, the year I spent away from home was one of the most memorable ever as I discovered lots about myself : ) The year after Luton I attended London Southbank University and completed a HND in Business Information Technology. Following the qualification I was fortunate enough to get a job with a reputable IT Consultancy company and spent the next 12 years of my life working for them.  Through work I met some great people and the income gave me the opportunity to do many things, however I got to the point where I knew IT was not for me. I then had a choice to make, continue in a field of work that paid the bills and allowed me to live a relatively comfortably life or resign, retrain in an area I felt was more suited to my personality and see where I ended up. As you can tell (Dahhhh if you can’t tell) I chose the second option, and although I have found finances particularly hard to manage (I have had to pay tuition fees for the 1st two years of this degree due to me using up my allocated quota of student finance) I am extremely happy with the choice I have made. 

Lol, if there is anything positive you have gleaned from the above …. well done ; ) But seriously for me life is about living, loving, making mistakes and learning. And I am most certainly doing all of that! : )

My name is Junior…. Well it’s not really but you probably wouldn't be able to pronounce my full name so ‘Junior’ will have to do. I have just finished my final year of a Sports Science with Professional Football Coaching degree and I loved it. 

After two ‘interesting’ years living on the Medway campus, I decided to move to Avery Hill after landing the RA (Resident Assistant) job and that decision is easily the best decision I have made in my life. I have had one of the best years of my life this year and enjoyed almost every moment of it and for the first time in three years it felt like I got the full ‘university experience’. Late nights and early mornings are something I have become accustom to and I've had enough hangovers to last a lifetime but I wouldn't change a thing. From going on tours with the university sports teams to nights at our Sparrows bar, university has been a blast this year. My work has been of a good standard and I have managed to study as hard as I party! 

I only started working in the Enquiry Unit in April and I've really enjoyed it.  I've met some really cool people in the Enquiry Unit and there is a really friendly atmosphere in the office. I've heard when Clearing starts, it's extremely busy here. We shall see! As well as working in the Enquiry Unit and as Resident Assistant, I am also a Student Ambassador. I guess I love the university jobs as much as I love the university. 

I am looking forward to Clearing and helping the future University of Greenwich students. 

Hello people!

My name is Daniela and I am studying Law and Business at the historic Greenwich campus.  I am from Ghana, where I have lived my whole life, until last year, when I decided to come to university in the UK. Why did I decide to leave my friends, family and everything familiar to study here? Well, I felt that there were more opportunities, better facilities and a wider variety of choices when it came to studying and work-and I was right! I also needed a change in environment and also to escape the watchful and protective eyes of my older brothers. The latter has not really changed. In fact, it is worse now.   Lol!
I chose to study at the University of Greenwich because I heard good things about its Law and Business schools, its location and its healthy variety of people from different backgrounds.  
To be honest, I really miss home, the constantly spicy food and the ever present, never failing heat and sunshine; but I can confidently say that choosing to come to this place where the sun seems to have lost its heating capabilities and has such, become just a decoration in the sky, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My name is Edgar Alexandre Pereira Gutierrez, Edgar short! 

I am currently in my third year of Pharmaceutical Sciences which means that, along with my coursework and work in the Education Liaison Unit office, I now have a 10,000 word dissertation to complete.
I will let you readers in a little secret: I was born nowhere near the UK. I was born in Macau (the gambling heart of China), lived there for eleven years and then moved to Portugal in a coastal village named Famalicao da Nazare. Living close by to five beaches, life was more than perfect. But I needed a change of scenery, so I packed my things and booked a one way ticket to Medway Campus.


I am one of the newbies working in the Enquiry Unit team and I'm a virgin Clearing Assistant! I have just finished my first year at the University of Greenwich studying for a BA Hons in Early Years Education.  I had a further two years of study before I graduate which is a scary thought but I reckon it will fly by!  I originally wanted to be a primary school teacher but my application was unsuccessful… sob! But every cloud has a silver lining as the Early Years degree I am doing offers me a lot more options at the end as opposed to just being a primary school teacher… yay!

I am a mature student and once I completed my A-levels I went out into the big wide world to start working in financial institutions and management.  After roles in processing, project management, offshoring, data analysis and HR I worked out that the corporate environment didn't float my boat and I really wanted to work with children so I jumped ship and swam to Greenwich!  It's not a completely random change in direction though; I used to be a successful acrobatic gymnast and went into coaching younger children and I loved helping the young children achieve.  I now use my gymnastic skills in the University of Greenwich Cheerleading competition team which I absolutely LOVE!  I also 'sing' in the University choir but I can't actually sing but I love trying to and being part of the group!

I think that is probably too much information for now but I hope you enjoy reading the my blogs!


My name is Eunice and I am a 3rd year law undergraduate student. I have just completed my course and currently taken a year out to get into employment to help support me financially. I am looking forward to the year ahead and will be going to Law school next year to complete my law practice course. As well as joining the high number of graduates looking for employment, I also volunteer my services to a youth organisation in South Norwood and teach children from the ages of 2 to 10 in Sunday school once a week in my local church. I am also very family oriented and so I love have my extended family around during the weekend or over during the summer break. I find that this makes me a very personable and someone who is very easy to relate to.